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revision 1.6, Tue Jan 1 21:03:23 2002 UTC revision 1.7, Tue Apr 23 23:02:54 2002 UTC
# Line 39  Line 39 
39  readconf.o: readconf.c readconf.h utils.h cvsgraph.h  readconf.o: readconf.c readconf.h utils.h cvsgraph.h
41  lex.rcs.o: lex.rcs.c rcs.tab.h readconf.h utils.h rcs.h  lex.rcs.o: lex.rcs.c rcs.tab.h readconf.h utils.h rcs.h
42  rcs.tab.o: rcs.tab.c utils.h rcs.h  rcs.tab.o: rcs.tab.c utils.h rcs.h cvsgraph.h
44  rcs.tab.c rcs.tab.h: rcsy.y  rcs.tab.c rcs.tab.h: rcsy.y
45          $(YACC) $(YACCFLAGS) -d -brcs -prcs rcsy.y          $(YACC) $(YACCFLAGS) -d -brcs -prcs rcsy.y

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