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revision 1.13, Mon Feb 18 13:23:08 2002 UTC revision 1.17, Tue Feb 11 10:43:44 2003 UTC
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1  CvsGraph 1.2.0, 18-Feb-2002  CvsGraph 1.3.0, 20-Jul-2002
2  ===========================  ===========================
3  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a
4  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I
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11  New in this version  New in this version
12  -------------------  -------------------
13  - The entire tree can now be drawn upside-down. This is usefull if you have  - Fix warnings in readconf on some 'older' compiler systems.
14    many revisions in a trunk and want to see the latest first. The configuration  
15    includes an option 'upside_down' with a boolean argument. You can override the  - Implement new option to generate proper maps for different levels of HTML.
16    default value on the command-line with the '-u' switch, which will negate the    The option -x[34x] determines HTML 3.x (default), HTML 4.x or XHTML style
17    configured value.    maps.
   The imagemap generation also supports this, so you will still be able to point  
   and shoot on and between the revisions.  
 - You can now instruct CvsGraph to ommit all revisions that are not tagged. This  
   is highly usefull for very large trees/trunks to reduce the produced image  
   size. Note that the first and the last revision in a trunk are not hidden.  
   A new configuration option 'strip_untagged' with boolean argument enables this  
   feature. Alternatively, the command-line provides option '-s' wich negates the  
   value set in the configuration file. You can also strip the first revision if  
   it is untagged using '-S' and/or strip_first_rev.  
 - The boxes to identify the branches can now be drawn on both sides of the trunk.  
   Configuration option 'branch_dupbox' with boolean argument activates this  
   feature, which is usefull when the tree is drawn upside-down.The command-line  
   option '-b' negated the configured value.  
 - Configuration no longer requires a configuration file. All options can now be  
   entered on the commandline using '-O'. CvsGraph will still read the  
   configuration file if one is avaliable, but it is no longer an error if none  
   is found.  
 - If no file is entered on the command-line, then the input is taken from  
   standard input, like all decent *nix programs.  
 - ViewCVS (http://viewcvs.sourceforge.net) is now officially supporting the use  
   of CvsGraph in their code as of version 0.8. So, no bad hacks needed anymore  
   to get it working, and it always looks nice :-)  
 - Implemented string drawing using freetype interface of libgd. It looks very  
   nice, but it is significantly slower than gd's standard bitmap fonts. Extra  
   configuration parameters *_ttfont and *_ttsize set font and size. Option  
   use_ttf enables ttf rendering. Note that gd's bitmap fonts are used as a  
   fallback in case where the ttfont contains errors or is not found.  
 - The branch tag color and font can now be set separately using branch_tag_*  
   configuration options.  
 - It is now possible to draw the connector lines between the boxes thicker  
   by setting thick_lines to something else than 1. Maximum thickness is  
   limited to lines of 11 pixels wide.  
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24  create directory:  create directory:
25          $ cd /where/ever/you/want          $ cd /where/ever/you/want
26          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.2.0.tar.gz          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.3.0.tar.gz
27          $ cd cvsgraph-1.2.0          $ cd cvsgraph-1.3.0
28          $ ./configure          $ ./configure
29          $ make          $ make

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