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revision 1.15, Sat Jul 20 00:48:16 2002 UTC revision 1.17, Tue Feb 11 10:43:44 2003 UTC
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11  New in this version  New in this version
12  -------------------  -------------------
13  - Implement a workaround for browsers that do not understand unordered  - Fix warnings in readconf on some 'older' compiler systems.
   y-coordinates in the imagemap when generated upside down.  
15  - Fix the slowness of CvsGraph when parsing very large (typically -kb files)  - Implement new option to generate proper maps for different levels of HTML.
16    by bypassing the parsing of the actual deltatext. On my machine (K6-2/500/256M    The option -x[34x] determines HTML 3.x (default), HTML 4.x or XHTML style
17    it makes a difference of 7.5s vs 0.04s on a 93MByte file, without counting    maps.
   disk-overhead; with disk-overhead it takes 12.5s).  
   Downside is that the logentry cannot be expanded if the file is not parsed in  
   full (see below). Use option parse_logs to enable log-expansions.  
 - Implemented logentry expansions using %l and %L. You must enable full parsing  
   (option parse_logs) for this to work.  
 - Fixed a possible buffer overflow in the string expansion. However, this is a  
   very low-risk overflow, since it will trash the heap and _not_ the stack.  
   Furthermore, you need to pass strings from CGI directly to cvsgraph without  
   any checks to come even close to trash the heap.  
 - Fixed a segfault on IRIX in the bsearch calls. These lookups could be called  
   with a NULL pointer and IRIX's libc doesn't like that.  
 - Implement left to right and right to left images. The entire tree can now be  
   drawn horizontally when option left_right is set. Using both left_right and  
   upside_down results in right to left images.  

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