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revision 1.16, Sat Jul 20 20:41:40 2002 UTC revision 1.20, Fri Mar 14 01:38:39 2003 UTC
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11  New in this version  New in this version
12  -------------------  -------------------
13  - Implement a workaround for browsers that do not understand unordered  - Fix warnings in readconf on some 'older' compiler systems.
   y-coordinates in the imagemap when generated upside down.  
15  - Fix the slowness of CvsGraph when parsing very large (typically -kb files) by  - Implement new option to generate proper maps for different levels of HTML.
16    bypassing the parsing of the actual deltatext. On my machine (K6-2/500/256M    The option -x[34x] determines HTML 3.x (default), HTML 4.x or XHTML style
17    it makes a difference of 7.5s vs 0.04s on a 93MByte file, without counting    maps.
18    disk-overhead; with disk-overhead it takes 12.5s).  Downside is that the  
19    logentry cannot be expanded if the file is not parsed in full (see below).  - Implement a scheme to visualize merges based on tag names. If tags are
20    Use option parse_logs to enable log-expansions.    consistently named at the mergepoint and the destination, then these points
21      can be detected using regular expressions. Several new configuration
22  - Implemented logentry expansions using %l and %L. You must enable full parsing    options, merge_*, describe the tags.
23    (option parse_logs) for this to work.  
24    - Implemented HTMLizing of expansion with %(...%). This prevents a possible
25  - Fixed a possible buffer overflow in the string expansion. However, this is a    cross site scripting exploit when you use '<', '>' or '"' in tagnames.
26    very low-risk overflow, since it will trash the heap and _not_ the stack.    This is a remote chance (you must be stupid to use these characters in a
27    Furthermore, you need to pass strings from CGI directly to cvsgraph without    tagname) but anyway, your system can be under attack.
28    any checks to come even close to trash the heap.  
29    - Fixed backing up in the lexer. This improves speed slightly because no
30  - Fixed a segfault on IRIX in the bsearch calls. These lookups could be called    rule requires lookahead over one character anymore.
31    with a NULL pointer and IRIX's libc doesn't like that.  
32    - Fixed a bug in the initial placing of left to right displaying.
33  - Implement left to right and right to left images. The entire tree can now be  
34    drawn horizontally when option left_right is set. Using both left_right and  - Half-fixed a bug in the kerning code, where a loop-safeguard was triggered
35    upside_down results in right to left images.    way too soon (at 100 iterations). This has now been changed to 10000, but
36      should be dependent on the number of drawable branches, as the function is
37  - Implement limits on how many tags are printed in a revision box using new    _at least_ order O(N^2). However, more analysis is required to ensure
38    config parameter rev_maxtags. Ellipsis (...) are printed if the limit becomes    safe guarding under all circumstances.
39    active.  
40    - Implemented folding of empty branches. Many uses of CVS create many
41  - Changed the configure script to handle libraries more intelligently. This    branches on the same revision but have no commits on them. This occurs
42    should be able to handle static libraries better.    often with stable files like .cvsignore files and the like. A new
43      configuration option branch_fold enables imaging consequtive brances
44      with no commits in the same branch-box. This reduces images by a huge
45      factor (28000x1700 -> 2100x2300, i.e. a factor of 10). It also speeds up
46      drawing considerably. The branch_fold option is *on* by default.
48    - Fix duplicate branch-boxes (branch_dupbox=true). No duplicates should be
49      created if there are no commits on a specific branch. There is no reason
50      for having two boxes on top of each other.
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112                          internet as if you were using cvs. The repository files                          internet as if you were using cvs. The repository files
113                          must be on a locally mounted filesystem. However, you                          must be on a locally mounted filesystem. However, you
114                          can use cvsup or rsync to get a repository to your                          can use cvsup or rsync to get a repository to your
115                          local filesystem and make then image from there.                          local filesystem and make then images from there.
117  Type 'cvsgraph -h' to get a full list of options. If the output is not given  Type 'cvsgraph -h' to get a full list of options. If the output is not given
118  (no '-o'), then the output is written to standard output.  (no '-o'), then the output is written to standard output.

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