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revision 1.19, Mon Mar 10 22:57:21 2003 UTC revision 1.21, Fri Mar 14 14:24:50 2003 UTC
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29  - Fixed backing up in the lexer. This improves speed slightly because no  - Fixed backing up in the lexer. This improves speed slightly because no
30    rule requires lookahead over one character anymore.    rule requires lookahead over one character anymore.
32    - Fixed a bug in the initial placing of left to right displaying.
34    - Half-fixed a bug in the kerning code, where a loop-safeguard was triggered
35      way too soon (at 100 iterations). This has now been changed to 10000, but
36      should be dependent on the number of drawable branches, as the function is
37      _at least_ order O(N^2). However, more analysis is required to ensure
38      safe guarding under all circumstances.
40    - Implemented folding of empty branches. Many uses of CVS create many
41      branches on the same revision but have no commits on them. This occurs
42      often with stable files like .cvsignore files and the like. A new
43      configuration option branch_fold enables imaging consequtive brances
44      with no commits in the same branch-box. This reduces images by a huge
45      factor (28000x1700 -> 2100x2300, i.e. a factor of 10). It also speeds up
46      drawing considerably. The branch_fold option is *on* by default.
48    - Fix duplicate branch-boxes (branch_dupbox=true). No duplicates should be
49      created if there are no commits on a specific branch. There is no reason
50      for having two boxes on top of each other.
52    - Implement folding for all branches on the same branchpoint if empty. New
53      option branch_foldall controls this behavior. See cvsgraph.conf(5) for
54      details.
58  Compiling  Compiling

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