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revision 1.26, Sun Aug 15 16:58:22 2004 UTC revision 1.29, Sun Aug 29 12:20:03 2004 UTC
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1  CvsGraph 1.5.0, 16-Jul-2004  CvsGraph 1.5.1, 15-Aug-2004
2  ===========================  ===========================
3  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a
4  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I
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11  New in this version  New in this version
12  -------------------  -------------------
14  - Add regex method for ignoring tags in the generation of the graph. Old trees  - Add patch from Henrik Carlqvist <henca@users.SourceForge.net>
15    are overpolulated and this is a way to reduce it even further. New config          * add option rev_hidenumber for disabling revision number display.
16    options tag_ignore, tag_nocase and tag_negate.          * add option tag_ignore_merge for disabling merge_from/merge_to display
17              if matched with tag_ignore.
18  - Added drawing of partial trees. You now can select a subtree based on a          * add resorting of branches on how many revisions they have. This saves
19    revision number, branch number or symbolic tag to show only that part of the            space under circumstances.
20    tree. New config option branch_subtree selects which part is shown. If the  
21    subtree is empty, then the whole tree is shown.  - Add option merge_findall so that merge_from/merge_to tags can have multiple
22      matches.
 - Most error and warning messages are now displayed in the graph, instead of  
   being written to stderr. This enables you to see an image eventhough errors  
   might be present. The old method would generate a corrupt image.  
   New configuration options include msg_color and msg_font to control the looks  
   of it. Messages are always printed at the bottom of the image.  
 - Fixed a bug in the folding code where subtrees would not fold correctly.  
 - Added diff links in the map-generation for detected merges so that you can  
   get the differences in merge-operations. The options map_merge_href and  
   map_merge_alt must be set accordingly.  
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40  create directory:  create directory:
41          $ cd /where/ever/you/want          $ cd /where/ever/you/want
42          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.5.0.tar.gz          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.5.1.tar.gz
43          $ cd cvsgraph-1.5.0          $ cd cvsgraph-1.5.1
44          $ ./configure          $ ./configure
45          $ make          $ make

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