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revision 1.29, Sun Aug 29 12:20:03 2004 UTC revision 1.33, Thu Oct 21 20:08:42 2004 UTC
# Line 21  Line 21 
21  - Add option merge_findall so that merge_from/merge_to tags can have multiple  - Add option merge_findall so that merge_from/merge_to tags can have multiple
22    matches.    matches.
24    - Add the patches supplied by Ville Skytta <ville.skytta@iki.fi>
25            * fix spelling in the manpages and config file
26  Known BUGS          * fix & -> &amp; problem in config
27  ----------          * fix generics in wrapper example
29  - The timezone variable does not seem to exist on Mac OSX. I have no clue how  - Add a fix for the zimezone problem as suggested by Henrik Carlqvist
30    to patch this yet.    <henca@users.SourceForge.net> by using the environment.
31    Anyhow, the timezone problem is much worse, because it needs to be calculated  
32    from the revision's commit-time and not the current timezone (Daylight saving  - Fix a bug in the detection of branch-numbers in the logical ,v file structure
33    must be accounted for at commit's time, not current).    (reported by Daniel Dumitrache <ddumitrache@bitdefender.com>). The branch was
34      deduced from the revision, but that would fail for revision numbers that are
35      like magic branch-numbers (x.x.0.x) because they were interpreted. These
36      revision numbers are now correctly handled.
38    - Added patch from Gordon Hollingworth <Gordon.Hollingworth@TTP.com> to use
39      mergepoints as implemented by CVSNT. Adapted the patch to enable both
40      tag-detected merges and mergepoints to be shows at the same time.
42    - Implement selection of png compression level with image_compress and enable
43      interlacing (progressive load) for both png and jpeg images with
44      image_interlace.

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