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revision 1.27, Sun Aug 15 17:28:05 2004 UTC revision 1.46, Sun Dec 18 01:57:57 2005 UTC
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1  CvsGraph 1.5.0, 15-Aug-2004  CvsGraph 1.6.0, 18-Dec-2005
2  ===========================  ===========================
3  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a  CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a
4  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I  cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I
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11  New in this version  New in this version
12  -------------------  -------------------
14  - Add regex method for ignoring tags in the generation of the graph. Old trees  - Fix all numeric author ID
   are overpolulated and this is a way to reduce it even further. New config  
   options tag_ignore, tag_nocase and tag_negate.  
16  - Added drawing of partial trees. You now can select a subtree based on a  - Changed acceptable mail policy. See below in this file
   revision number, branch number or symbolic tag to show only that part of the  
   tree. New config option branch_subtree selects which part is shown. If the  
   subtree is empty, then the whole tree is shown.  
18  - Most error and warning messages are now displayed in the graph, instead of  - Fix incomplete parsing of access keyword in rcsfile
   being written to stderr. This enables you to see an image eventhough errors  
   might be present. The old method would generate a corrupt image.  
   New configuration options include msg_color and msg_font to control the looks  
   of it. Messages are always printed at the bottom of the image.  
20  - Fixed a bug in the folding code where subtrees would not fold correctly.  - Fix missing branch_bgcolor in manpage
22  - Added diff links in the map-generation for detected merges so that you can  - Fix author names with spaces but not in @ encapsulation
   get the differences in merge-operations. The options map_merge_href and  
   map_merge_alt must be set accordingly.  
24    - Added multiple merge_{from,to,color} matching. Now several regex
25      combinations are allowed to run concurrently.
27    - Added dynamic colors and strings for more flexibility in visual
28      representations of the tree.
30  Known BUGS  - Added keyword rev_idtext to define the revision ID in a revision
31  ----------    box. Normally this would show the revision number, but can now be
32      changed dynamically.
34  - The timezone variable does not seem to exist on Mac OSX. I have no clue how  - Fix dashed lines when stripped revisions have mergepoints attatched
   to patch this yet.  
   Anyhow, the timezone problem is much worse, because it needs to be calculated  
   from the revision's commit-time and not the current timezone (Daylight saving  
   must be accounted for at commit's time, not current).  
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41  create directory:  create directory:
42          $ cd /where/ever/you/want          $ cd /where/ever/you/want
43          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.5.0.tar.gz          $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.6.0.tar.gz
44          $ cd cvsgraph-1.5.0          $ cd cvsgraph-1.6.0
45          $ ./configure          $ ./configure
46          $ make          $ make
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113    Contributed code
114    ----------------
115    - contrib/automatic_documentation:
116      If you are interested in tag-management with respect to the correct branch
117      information, then I suggest that you take a look at the contribution from
118      Henrik Carlqvist. He submitted some server-side scripts that can manage tags
119      in a better fashion than cvs on its own.
123  Todo  Todo
124  ----  ----
125  - do a better job in making a layout (auto moving branches and rubber banding  - do a better job in making a layout (auto moving branches and rubber banding
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139  HomePage: http://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph  HomePage: http://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph
140  E-mail: cvsgraph@akhphd.au.dk  E-mail: cvsgraph@akhphd.au.dk
144    Mailnote
145    --------
146    As of 20 August 2005, if you send me an email with a contained or attached
147    disclaimer that includes one or more of the following items:
149        * legal notice or threat(s)
150        * disclosure restriction(s)
151        * forward restriction(s)
152        * "intended recipient" nonsense
154    Then you automatically agree to pay me a license fee of DKK 1000,- for using my
155    email address and a DKK 250,- fee for wasting my time on reading it.
157  Greetings Bertho  Greetings Bertho

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