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Revision 1.31 - (show annotations)
Wed Oct 20 19:31:10 2004 UTC (14 years ago) by bertho
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.30: +6 -0 lines
Fix a bug in the detection of branch-numbers in the logical ,v file structure
(reported by Daniel Dumitrache <ddumitrache {at} bitdefender.com>). The branch was
deduced from the revision, but that would fail for revision numbers that are
like magic branch-numbers (x.x.0.x) because they were interpreted. These
revision numbers are now correctly handled by treating them as revision numbers
and deducing the branch by eliminating the trailing .x.
1 CvsGraph 1.5.1, 15-Aug-2004
2 ===========================
3 CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches in a
4 cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from WinCVS. I
5 could not find something right away on the web and decided that it was time to
6 write a stand-alone version. I might have been doing some double work, but hey,
7 I like a hack.
11 New in this version
12 -------------------
14 - Add patch from Henrik Carlqvist <henca@users.SourceForge.net>
15 * add option rev_hidenumber for disabling revision number display.
16 * add option tag_ignore_merge for disabling merge_from/merge_to display
17 if matched with tag_ignore.
18 * add resorting of branches on how many revisions they have. This saves
19 space under circumstances.
21 - Add option merge_findall so that merge_from/merge_to tags can have multiple
22 matches.
24 - Add the patches supplied by Ville Skytta <ville.skytta@iki.fi>
25 * fix spelling in the manpages and config file
26 * fix & -> &amp; problem in config
27 * fix generics in wrapper example
29 - Add a fix for the zimezone problem as suggested by Henrik Carlqvist
30 <henca@users.SourceForge.net> by using the environment.
32 - Fix a bug in the detection of branch-numbers in the logical ,v file structure
33 (reported by Daniel Dumitrache <ddumitrache@bitdefender.com>). The branch was
34 deduced from the revision, but that would fail for revision numbers that are
35 like magic branch-numbers (x.x.0.x) because they were interpreted. These
36 revision numbers are now correctly handled.
40 Compiling
41 ---------
43 create directory:
44 $ cd /where/ever/you/want
45 $ tar xzf cvsgraph-1.5.1.tar.gz
46 $ cd cvsgraph-1.5.1
47 $ ./configure
48 $ make
50 This should do the trick and you have an executable file 'cvsgraph' in the
51 current directory.
53 NOTE: The GD library is required for CvsGraph to function. Get it from
54 http://www.boutell.com, compile it and use either --with-gd-lib=DIR
55 and --with-gd-inc=DIR to specify its location. You might also have
56 to use --with-z-inc, --with-z-lib and --with-png-inc, --with-png-lib
57 for gd versions 1.6 and higher.
58 If you build with static libgd (i.e. libgd.a) and already have
59 libpng.so and/or libjpeg6b.so (i.e. dynamic), then you might want to
60 try to trick configure into adding these libs to the tests by adding
61 commandline options '--with-png-lib=.' and '--with-jpeg-lib=.'.
62 If you have linked libgd with freetype, then you might also need
63 either --with-freetype-lib or --with-freetype2-lib.
65 There are often precompiled binaries for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Windows
66 (and probably other OSes too). Check your local mirror for details. I also have
67 some links on the homepage for precompiled binaries. Please do not complain to
68 me about these binaries.
72 Installing
73 ----------
74 Put the executable file 'cvsgraph' somewhere where you think it should go.
75 Normally this would be "/usr/local/bin" or "/usr/bin". The configuration file
76 ought to be put in "/usr/local/etc" or "/etc". The exact position can be
77 overriden on the commandline anyway. Edit the configuration file to your liking
78 and you should be all set.
82 Running CvsGraph
83 ----------------
84 Do *NOT* execute the program directly from a webserver. Direct execution would
85 be very insecure. Make a wrapper cgi-script in php, perl, or whatever you
86 normally use. There are several web-based viewers with CvsGraph support:
88 - ViewCVS http://viewcvs.sourceforge.net
89 - CVSweb http://www.freebsd.org/projects/cvsweb.html
90 - Chora http://www.horde.org/chora/
93 To generate an image do something like:
94 $ cvsgraph -r /home/to/repository -m module -o mygraph.png myfile.c,v
96 This generates a revison/branch image of the rcs file 'myfile.c,v' and puts it
97 into 'mygraph.png'. The '-r' option is the path to the repository *located and
98 accessible* on your filesystem. The '-m' is the module in the repository. Note
99 that the extension of the file ends with ",v".
101 Just to make it clear: You cannot make images from a cvs-repository over the
102 internet as if you were using cvs. The repository files
103 must be on a locally mounted filesystem. However, you
104 can use cvsup or rsync to get a repository to your
105 local filesystem and make then images from there.
107 Type 'cvsgraph -h' to get a full list of options. If the output is not given
108 (no '-o'), then the output is written to standard output.
110 Please read the manual pages cvsgraph(1) and cvsgraph.conf(5) for more
111 information on execution and configuration.
115 Todo
116 ----
117 - do a better job in making a layout (auto moving branches and rubber banding
118 revision-connectors to make place). A start is made, but this is not very
119 functional yet.
123 License
124 -------
125 CvsGraph is distributed under GNU GPL v2. See 'LICENSE' for more information.
129 Contact
130 -------
131 HomePage: http://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph
132 E-mail: cvsgraph@akhphd.au.dk
134 Greetings Bertho

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