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Revision 1.6 - (hide annotations)
Wed Dec 19 18:10:58 2001 UTC (16 years, 9 months ago) by bertho
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.5: +14 -7 lines
- Updated the docu a bit
- Renamed the branch_mirror to branch_dupbox which is more appropriate
- strip_untagged displays now draw dashed connector lines to indicate a jump
1 bertho 1.5 .TH "CvsGraph" "1" "1.1.4" "B. Stultiens" "CVS/RCS Utilties"
2 bertho 1.1 .SH "NAME"
3     cvsgraph \- A CVS/RCS repository grapher
4     .SH "SYNOPSIS"
5     \fBcvsgraph\fR [\fIoptions\fR] \fIfile\fR
7     \fBCvsGraph\fR generates images and imagemaps from CVS/RCS repository files.
8     .SH "OPTIONS"
9     .TP
10 bertho 1.5 \fB\-b\fR
11 bertho 1.6 Add a branch box at the end of the trunk too. This option negates the
12     branch_dupbox setting from the configuration file.
13 bertho 1.5 .TP
14 bertho 1.1 \fB\-c\fR \fIfile\fR
15     Read alternate config from \fIfile\fR.
16     .TP
17     \fB\-d\fR \fIlevel\fR
18     Enable debug mode at \fIlevel\fR. The amount of information is determined by a
19     bitwise or of the following: 1=config lexer, 2=config parser, 4=rcsfile lexer,
20 bertho 1.6 8=rcsfile parser, 16=rcsfile structure. The \fIlevel\fR argument may be in
21     decimal, octal or hexadecimal format.
22 bertho 1.1 .TP
23     \fB\-h\fR
24     A brief description of possible options.
25     .TP
26     \fB\-i\fR
27     Generate an imagemap instead of an image.
28     .TP
29     \fB\-M\fR \fIname\fR
30     Use \fIname\fR as imagemap name (has only effect in combination with \fB\-i\fR).
31     .TP
32     \fB\-m\fR \fImod\fR
33     Use \fImod\fR as cvsmodule.
34     .TP
35     \fB\-o\fR \fIfile\fR
36     Output to \fIfile\fR. Otherwise, output is written to standard output.
37     .TP
38     \fB\-q\fR
39     Be quiet (i.e. no warnings)
40     .TP
41     \fB\-r\fR \fIpath\fR
42     Use \fIpath\fR as cvsroot.
43 bertho 1.5 .TP
44 bertho 1.6 \fB\-s\fR
45     Strip all untagged revisions from the tree. Only the first, last and each
46     tagged revision of each trunk will be shown. This will greatly reduce the size
47     of the generated image if you didn't tag everything (and are not interested in
48     all revisions). This option negates the strip_untagged setting from the
49     configuration file.
50     .TP
51 bertho 1.5 \fB\-u\fR
52 bertho 1.6 Draw the tree upside down (newest revision at the top). This option negates the
53     upside_down setting from the configuration file.
54 bertho 1.1 .TP
55     \fB\-V\fR
56     Print version and exit.
57     .TP
58     \fB\-[0\-9]\fR \fItxt\fR
59     Use \fItxt\fR for expansion
61     \fBCvsGraph\fR starts with reading a configuration file. If the \fB\-c\fR option
62     is given on the commandline, then it is read. Otherwise, \fBcvsgraph\fR first
63     looks for a configuration file in the current directory using \fI./cvsgraph.conf\fR
64     and, if not found, tries to open \fI/usr/local/etc/cvsgraph.conf\fR.
65     If still no configuration file is read an error message is issued and
66     \fBcvsgraph\fR terminates. The format of the configuration file is
67     described in \fBcvsgraph.conf(5)\fR. Configuration parameters entered on
68 bertho 1.6 the commandline have always precedence over the configuration file.
69 bertho 1.1 .br
70     The location of a repository file is determined by the configuration parameters
71     cvsroot and cvsmodule and the respective commandline options \fB\-r\fR and \fB\-m\fR.
72     The cvsroot, cvsmodule and \fIfile\fR are concatenated with separating
73     \'/\' path\-separators forming the final location:
74     .br
75     <cvsroot>/<cvsmodule>/\fIfile\fR
76     .br
77     No path\-separator is appended if cvsroot and cvsmodule are empty strings.
78     An error message is issued if the resulting path cannot be opend.
79     Note that \fBcvsgraph\fR does not atempt to check any validity any of
80     the path components. This enables a user to open any file on the file\-system
81     by setting cvsroot and cvsmodule to empty strings.
82     .br
83     For example, \fIcvsgraph \-r '' \-m '' ../myfile,v\fR would try to open the
84     file \fI../myfile,v\fR. Note that a variety of possibilities yield the same file
85 bertho 1.3 and all have their advantages and drawbacks, which are mostly related to the
86     possible use of the parameters in text expansions.
87 bertho 1.1 .SH "OUTPUT"
88     The output generated by \fBcvsgraph\fR can be either an image
89     (default) or and HTML imagemap (\fB\-i\fR option).
90     .br
91     Images can have several formats, depending on the capabilities
92     of the gd library on which the drawing is built. The configuration
93     allows for GIF, PNG or JPEG type images. Newer versions of gd do no
94     longer support GIF and PNG will be used instead.
95     .br
96     Generation of imagemaps conforms to the HTML standard and maps
97     rectangular regions of the image where revisions and branches are
98     drawn. Additionally, an extra rectangular region is generated between
99     revisions to support diff generation.
100     .SH "FILES"
101     .LP
102     .TP
103     \fI/usr/local/etc/cvsgraph.conf\fR
104     Configuration file read for default layout parameters.
105     .SH "AUTHOR"
106     \fBCvsGraph\fR is written and maintained by B. Stultiens.
107     .br
108     Send comments and bugreports to \fIcvsgraph@akhphd.au.dk\fR and
109 bertho 1.3 visit the homepage at:
110     .br
111     \fIhttp://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph\fR.
112 bertho 1.1 .SH "SEE ALSO"
113     .BR cvsgraph.conf(5)

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