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revision 1.11, Sat Jul 20 00:48:17 2002 UTC revision 1.12, Tue Feb 11 10:43:44 2003 UTC
# Line 91  Line 91 
91  \fB\-V\fR  \fB\-V\fR
92  Print version and exit.  Print version and exit.
93  .TP  .TP
94    \fB\-x\fR \fI{3,4,x}\fR
95    Set the HTML level of compliance for image maps. Use \fI3\fR for HTML 3.x,
96    \fI4\fR for HTML 4.x and \fIx\fR for XHTML. Default is HTML 3.x compatibility.
97    .TP
98  \fB\-[0\-9]\fR \fItxt\fR  \fB\-[0\-9]\fR \fItxt\fR
99  Use \fItxt\fR for expansion  Use \fItxt\fR for expansion

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