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Revision 1.11 - (show annotations)
Sat Jul 20 00:48:17 2002 UTC (16 years, 3 months ago) by bertho
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: REL_1_3_0
Changes since 1.10: +1 -1 lines
Hopefully fixed configure problems
Prepared new release 1.3.0
1 .TH "CvsGraph" "1" "1.3.0" "B. Stultiens" "CVS/RCS Utilties"
2 .SH "NAME"
3 cvsgraph \- A CVS/RCS repository grapher
5 \fBcvsgraph\fR [\fIoptions\fR] \fIfile\fR
7 \fBCvsGraph\fR generates images and imagemaps from CVS/RCS repository files.
9 .TP
10 \fB\-b\fR
11 Add a branch box at the end of the trunk too. This option negates the
12 \fBbranch_dupbox\fR setting from the configuration file.
13 .TP
14 \fB\-c\fR \fIfile\fR
15 Read alternate config from \fIfile\fR.
16 .TP
17 \fB\-d\fR \fIlevel\fR
18 Enable debug mode at \fIlevel\fR. The amount of information is determined by a
19 bitwise or of the following: 1=config lexer, 2=config parser, 4=rcsfile lexer,
20 8=rcsfile parser, 16=rcsfile structure. The \fIlevel\fR argument may be in
21 decimal, octal or hexadecimal format.
22 .TP
23 \fB\-h\fR
24 A brief description of possible options.
25 .TP
26 \fB\-i\fR
27 Generate an imagemap instead of an image.
28 .TP
29 \fB\-I\fR \fIfile\fR
30 Also write an imagemap to \fIfile\fR. This can be usefull if you want to
31 generate both image and imagemap simultaneously. This halves the total time
32 spent on accessing the repository file because it is parsed only once.
33 .br
34 However, keeping track of auto-generated files can be a bit of a hack if
35 used in http requests (unless you pass both image and html-file in one
36 http-stream).
37 .br
38 Note 1: most time is used for the image-drawing routines (actually libgd),
39 so you might want to think twice in CGI apps.
40 .br
41 Note 2: you can still use '\fB-o\fR' to specify an output file for the image.
42 And, if you also specify '\fB-i\fR', then you'll get two imagemaps, for
43 whatever purpose that might be.
44 .TP
45 \fB\-k\fR
46 Try to reduce the image size by adjusting inter\-revision spacing and moving
47 trunks more left. This options negates the \fBauto_stretch\fR setting from the
48 configuration file.
49 .TP
50 \fB\-M\fR \fIname\fR
51 Use \fIname\fR as imagemap name (has only effect in combination with
52 '\fB\-i\fR'). This option overrides \fBmap_name\fR in the configuration file.
53 .TP
54 \fB\-m\fR \fImod\fR
55 Use \fImod\fR as cvsmodule.
56 This option overrides \fBcvsmodule\fR in the configuration file.
57 .TP
58 \fB\-O\fR \fIcfg_option=value[;opt=val[...]]\fR
59 Set \fIcfg_option\fR to \fIvalue\fR. Multiple \fB-O\fR are allowed as well
60 as multiple options can be set simultaneously by separating them with ';'.
61 See \fBcvsgraph.conf(5)\fR for a detailed list of options.
62 See also \fBCONFIGURATION\fR below.
63 .TP
64 \fB\-o\fR \fIfile\fR
65 Output to \fIfile\fR. Otherwise, output is written to standard output.
66 .TP
67 \fB\-q\fR
68 Be quiet (i.e. no warnings)
69 .TP
70 \fB\-r\fR \fIpath\fR
71 Use \fIpath\fR as cvsroot.
72 This option overrides \fBcvsroot\fR in the configuration file.
73 .TP
74 \fB\-s\fR
75 Strip all untagged revisions from the tree. Only the first, last and each
76 tagged revision of each trunk will be shown. This will greatly reduce the size
77 of the generated image if you didn't tag everything (and are not interested in
78 all revisions). This option negates the \fBstrip_untagged\fR setting from the
79 configuration file.
80 .TP
81 \fB\-S\fR
82 Also strip the first revision in a branch if untagged and not a branchpoint.
83 This has only effect if \fBstrip_untagged\fR or option '\fB\-s\fR' is set.
84 The '\fB\-S\fR' option negates the \fBstrip_first_rev\fR from the configuration
85 file.
86 .TP
87 \fB\-u\fR
88 Draw the tree upside down (newest revision at the top). This option negates the
89 \fBupside_down\fR setting from the configuration file.
90 .TP
91 \fB\-V\fR
92 Print version and exit.
93 .TP
94 \fB\-[0\-9]\fR \fItxt\fR
95 Use \fItxt\fR for expansion
97 \fBCvsGraph\fR starts with reading a configuration file. If the '\fB\-c\fR'
98 option is given on the commandline, then it is read. Otherwise, \fBcvsgraph\fR
99 first looks for a configuration file in the current directory using
100 \fI./cvsgraph.conf\fR and, if not found, tries to open
101 \fI/usr/local/etc/cvsgraph.conf\fR. Defaults and commandline overrides
102 will be used if no configuration file can be opened. The format of the
103 configuration file is described in \fBcvsgraph.conf(5)\fR. Configuration
104 parameters entered on the commandline have always precedence over the
105 configuration file. Configuration options are processed in the following
106 order:
107 .br
108 - configuration file
109 .br
110 - '\fB-O\fR' commandline options
111 .br
112 - other commandline overrides (\fB-bkMmrSsu\fR)
113 .br
114 If you do not want to process any configurationfile, then you can set option
115 \'\fB-c /dev/null\fR', which will read an empty configuration file.
116 .PP
117 The location of a repository file is determined by the configuration parameters
118 \fBcvsroot\fR and \fBcvsmodule\fR and the respective commandline options
119 '\fB\-r\fR' and '\fB\-m\fR'. The \fBcvsroot\fR, \fBcvsmodule\fR and \fIfile\fR
120 are concatenated with separating '/' path\-separators forming the final
121 location:
122 .br
123 <cvsroot>/<cvsmodule>/\fIfile\fR
124 .br
125 No path\-separator is appended if \fBcvsroot\fR and \fBcvsmodule\fR are empty
126 strings. An error message is issued if the resulting path cannot be opend.
127 Note that \fBcvsgraph\fR does not atempt to check any validity of the path
128 components. This enables a user to open any file on the file\-system by setting
129 \fBcvsroot\fR and \fBcvsmodule\fR to empty strings.
130 .br
131 For example, \fIcvsgraph \-r '' \-m '' ../myfile,v\fR would try to open the
132 file \fI../myfile,v\fR. Note that a variety of possibilities yield the same
133 file and all have their advantages and drawbacks, which are mostly related to
134 the possible use of the parameters in text expansions.
135 .PP
136 If no \fIfile\fR is given on the commandline, then input is read from standard
137 input. This can make expansion strings somewhat strange looking, but they are
138 composed with the information available. If no input file was given, then the
139 input filename for expansion is set to \fB<stdin>\fR.
141 .SH "OUTPUT"
142 The output generated by \fBcvsgraph\fR can be either an image (default) or and
143 HTML imagemap ('\fB\-i\fR' and '\fB-I\fR' options).
144 .br
145 Images can have several formats, depending on the capabilities of the gd
146 library on which the drawing is built. The configuration allows for GIF, PNG or
147 JPEG type images. Newer versions of gd do no longer support GIF and PNG will be
148 used instead.
149 .br
150 Generation of imagemaps conforms to the HTML standard and maps rectangular
151 regions of the image where revisions and branches are drawn. Additionally, an
152 extra rectangular region is generated between revisions to support diff
153 generation.
154 .SH "FILES"
155 .LP
156 .TP
157 \fI/usr/local/etc/cvsgraph.conf\fR
158 Configuration file read for default layout parameters.
159 .SH "AUTHOR"
160 \fBCvsGraph\fR is written and maintained by B. Stultiens.
161 .br
162 Send comments and bugreports to \fIcvsgraph@akhphd.au.dk\fR and
163 visit the homepage at:
164 .br
165 \fIhttp://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph\fR.
166 .SH "SEE ALSO"
167 .BR cvsgraph.conf(5)

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