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revision, Mon Nov 13 21:12:19 2006 UTC revision, Wed May 21 11:51:36 2008 UTC
# Line 654  Line 654 
654  Default is true.  Default is true.
656  .TP  .TP
657    \fBmerge_on_tag\fR \fIboolean\fR
658    .br
659    Draw merge lines originating from/to the actual tags that are matched when
660    \fBleft_right\fR is enabled. This improves the usability of the lines drawn
661    but can under circumstances be difficult to visualize without revision boxes
662    overlapping the lines and arrows.
663    .br
664    Default is false.
666    .TP
667  \fBmerge_cvsnt\fR \fIboolean\fR  \fBmerge_cvsnt\fR \fIboolean\fR
668  .br  .br
669  Enable drawing of mergepoints as used by CVSNT.  Enable drawing of mergepoints as used by CVSNT.

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