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revision 1.15, Fri Mar 14 01:38:39 2003 UTC revision 1.16, Fri Mar 14 14:24:50 2003 UTC
# Line 566  Line 566 
566  Default is true.  Default is true.
568  .TP  .TP
569    \fBbranch_foldall\fR \fIboolean\fR
570    Fold all empty branches that sprout from the save revision in one box. If
571    this option is not set, then multiple boxes will be created if the empty
572    branches are interspaced with ones that have revisions attached. When this
573    option is set, then all empty branches will be collected and put into the
574    box of the firts occuring empty branch on the revision's branchpoint.
575    Setting this option will reduce imagesize with interspaced commits to the
576    a maximum.
577    .br
578    Default is false.
580    .TP
581  \fBtitle\fR \fIstring\fR  \fBtitle\fR \fIstring\fR
582  The title of the image.  The title of the image.
583  .br  .br

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